Weekly Newsletter – Week 15

Hello Parents!

Our annual Winter Wonderland is just around the corner and we have already selected our classroom basket themes. Please take a moment to see the weekly newsletter to see your child’s basket theme. Your child’s teacher may have or will be sending more information regarding the items you can donate to make your class’ basket a success.

Also, pictures are here! If you did not order any photos for your child but would like to now, they will have a flyer/bookmark with info for you to log into the Gerardy website and place your order.

Have a wonderful week!

2nd Grade Weekly Newsletters – Week 15


We wanted to give you an update regarding t-shirts.  We want to apologize for the delay.  Apparently our t-shirt supplier, that we have used for several years, has been very busy taking care of his severely ill wife.  We have made contact with him and we are expecting the shirts very soon.  Again, we apologize for the delay…Normally it does not take this long!  Thank you for your patience.

Weekly Newsletter – Week 13

Candy CornCandy CornCandy Corn

Halloween week has come! Please make sure that your child does not bring any candy on the days that follow Halloween. They will not be allowed to eat them, per our Wellness Program. Thank you for your support in keeping those yummy goodies at home.

This upcoming Friday is our annual Day of the Dead Memory Box Display Walkthrough. All are welcome to come into the multipurpose room between 8:00-10:30 AM. Please do not touch the memory boxes. Thank you!

2nd Grade Weekly Newsletters – Week 13

Thursday, 10-24

All students should wear RED tomorrow.  The Red Ribbon and Time Capsule Ceremony will begin at 8:30.  It should last about 45 minutes.  After that, we will begin our Government Worker rotations.

Time Capsule Ceremony

Next Thursday, October 24th, we are having our time capsule ceremony along with the Red Ribbon Festivities.  Second grade will be singing.  The ceremony will begin at 8:30 if you would like to attend!

Weekly Newsletter – Week 11

Hello Parents!

As we begin our Animal Research Projects, we kindly ask that your child have their animal articles and photos printed out as soon as possible. It will be extremely difficult for you child to do research without their informative text about their animals.

If you are unable to print, please let your child’s teacher know so they may assist. Simply copy and paste the info and/or photos you’d like for the teacher to print on a Word, Google Doc, PowerPoint, or PDF document and email it to them.

We thank your for all you do and your continued support!

And here… are this week’s news!

2nd Grade Weekly Newsletters – Week 11