Tomorrow is Picture Day!


Tomorrow is picture day! Be ready to say cheese! Don’t forget to send your picture envelope with your child.

Thank you!


Back to School Presentation

_2018-19 BacktoSchoolOpenHousePowerpointTemplate (1)

The presentation is included here.  Please be sure to use the volunteer sign up sheet on slide 27.  We will get parents involved as soon as we look over the schedule.

Thank you for coming tonight.  We appreciate you being a part of our triad (you, your child, and the teacher) in your child’s education!


Learning for the next few weeks

Happy Monday!

Good morning Parents,

We wanted to share with you what your kiddos will be learning this week. This will give you an idea so when you ask your child, “What did you learn today?”, you will know what to prompt for.

Language Arts: We are beginning our Government Unit in Benchmark. Our essential question that we will be exploring is Why do we need government? Students will be looking for key details and using them to formulate the main idea.

Writing: We are in the process of introducing all of the text types (narrative, informational, opinion)

Math: In math, students will be working on adding and subtracting up to 100 using multiple strategies.

Thank you for your support!

Mark your calendars for August 13th-Curriculum Meeting

Good evening 2nd grade parents,

Please mark your calendar as our Curriculum Meeting will now be on Monday, August 13th at 3:30 p.m. Report to your child’s classroom to learn about our expectations as your child begins his/her 2nd grade journey.

Please know that we will have information available for parents that are not able to attend our session.

Please note that the August 23rd session will not take place for 2nd grade.

Childcare WILL be available in the library!!!!

Thank you again for your support! We are excited to see you on August 13th at 3:30 p.m.

Volunteer In-service Dates

Here is the Parent Academy 2018 presentation.

Wednesday, August 1 – 8:30 am or 6:30 pm Volunteer In-services.  Please note that for everyone’s safety NO Visitors or Volunteers will be allowed on campus until August 6.  Volunteers  must attend one of the Volunteer In-services on August 1.

Parents interested in serving on School Site Council complete form and turn in by August 3.

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Hello families,

Welcome to second grade.  We are looking forward to an incredible year!  Week one is over and done and it was great!!

We wanted to introduce you to a few things on this blog:

This will be used for General second grade information.  This is also a great starting point for helping student log in to any important sites.  We will have everything linked through this blog (eventually).

Each teacher has a separate “page”.  We will primarily use Class Dojo for class communication, however, we will post links to sites specific to our classes on our “pages”.

The general links page has important sites that we will teach the students about.  A great tool are the HFW (high frequency word) powerpoints.  If you know that your child needs more help with their HFW, this is a fantastic tool.  There are 4 to choose from.  🙂

Please remember that this site is under construction…it’s a work in progress.  If you have any specifics that you need help or guidance with, please notify your child’s teacher.

We are looking forward to meeting with everyone soon!  Have a great weekend!





New Year…new blog!

Hello families,

As you know it’s the beginning of a new school year!  We are making changes and setting this up for a new group of kiddos.

Please be sure that you unfollow this blog…unless you won’t mind the updates from second grade.  😉

Principal Mclaren has established a new school blog.  Be sure to follow that-

Camarena School BLOG

Best of luck to you and your family as we embark on this new adventure!  By the way, be sure to pop in and say hello every now and then!