Mrs. Larson


I have been teaching in this district for over 20 years.  While I have taught everything from Kindergarten-4th grade.  I prefer the primary grades (first and second) where I feel that I can see the most growth, especially in reading and writing.

Chula Vista has been my primary home for most of my life.  Although I did move away for a few years with my family (Riverside and Sacramento), I still feel that Chula Vista is the only place that I have lived.  Even now, living in Bonita, I still call Chula Vista my home.

I am happily married and just celebrated my 18th anniversary.  I have two children, Keely and Colin, who are both in high school.  They both attended school in Chula Vista and went through the Dual Immersion program.  I am very proud of the fact that they are bi-literate!  They are very active in sports-volleyball and track seem to be the favorites.

We love to travel and explore whenever we get the chance, so this pandemic is really ruining that chance.  Exposing ourselves to new cultures is such an eye opening experience.  Another favorite of ours is camping and going to Disneyland.  Goofy is my absolute favorite!

I look forward to a fun year, full of lots of learning!


Yes, I’m the short one in my family 😉
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