Time Capsule Ceremony

Next Thursday, October 24th, we are having our time capsule ceremony along with the Red Ribbon Festivities.  Second grade will be singing.  The ceremony will begin at 8:30 if you would like to attend!

Welcome back!

Welcome back!  We hope that everyone had a great break.  We are ready and excited for this next quarter.  Remember, that with conferences just ending, this is a great time to be sure that you’re focusing on any areas that your child’s teacher may have addressed.  Working together we can ensure that all students are ready.  This next quarter seems to fly by…before we know it, these kiddos will be ready for third grade.


Conferences officially begin on Thursday, although some teachers are following their own schedules.  The most important thing is to remember that Thursday through the end of the quarter will be minimum days…and remember your conference time!

We are in need of copy paper donations!  We have a new assessment tool and we have blown through our allotted paper supply.  If you can donate, we’d really appreciate it!

Fiesta Mexicana is Friday, September 13th from 3-5pm.  Everyone is invited to attend!  It’s a free event, although there are things for sale, like paletas and other yummy foods.  Hope to see you there!

First quarter ends on Friday, Septemeber 20th.  Second quarter resumes on Tuesday, October 8th and it is not a minimum day!


Several children are telling us that they are trying to login to Achieve3000 at home. Please do not do this, yet! We are going to practice learning how the program works next week in class. We want the children to feel comfortable with program prior to logging in. We know that many of you are concerned now that students took the level set, but please, let us teach them about the program first.  We promise that after we review it, it will start coming home for homework!  Thank you!

Toys and more at school

Just a reminder that toys and other things, like Pokemon cards are NOT allowed at school.  Please remind your child to keep those things at home.  If seen, they could be confiscated and put into the June Box (meaning that they will not be returned until June).

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Thank you to all who showed up for our Curriculum Night!  We know that we bombarded you with information.  Take a few days to soak it in.

If you missed it, you can click HERE


Requested Donations-

*Gallon sized Ziploc baggies                                     *Sheet protectors

*Ear buds for each child                                          *Baby wipes

*Spiral 70 page wide rule notebooks                     *Thermal laminating sheets

*Composition Books-100 sheets wide ruled

PLEASE do not write any names on the products. We share and spread out donations depending on the quantity that we receive! The one exception is a 2 pocket folder that every child will need to carry homework and other important papers!


We are looking forward to a great year!

New School Year…new blog!

Hello families,

As you know it’s the beginning of a new school year!  We are making changes and setting this up for a new group of kiddos.

Please be sure that you unfollow this blog…unless you won’t mind the updates from second grade.  😉

Principal Mclaren has established a new school blog.  Be sure to follow that-

Camarena School BLOG

Best of luck to you and your family as we embark on this new adventure!  By the way, be sure to pop in and say hello every now and then!