Asynchronous Work-Important

Asynchronous work must be done daily.

Please be aware that per AB77, we are required to document that asynchronous work is getting done on a daily basis.  We will be checking work weekly to record work on our participation and engagement forms.  We realize that some students need extra time based on home situations, which is why we will not be doing this daily. 

That being said, please make sure that your child is logging into Seesaw, iReady, SmartyAnts, and Achieve (once assigned) and getting their work completed. This is considered part of their asynchronous work.

We will still be logging in to check work and give feedback daily, just the recording on our AB77 documents will not happen daily to allow for some flexibility for your family.

Sock Drive

If you can donate NEW socks, they will be donated to those in need. Some will be distributed to kids in foster care, shelters, and even some who are homeless. Please consider helping. Warm socks during winter can be especially helpful.

Socks are being collected now though December 11th, so it would be great to collect donations at our material distribution!

We appreciate any NEW socks that you are able to donate. Thanks in advance!

New 2nd Grade Schedule Beginning 9-21

Beginning Monday, September 21, 2nd grade will be reducing the amount of screen time for students. We appreciate your support these past few weeks while we get back into a school routine.

We have spoken as a team and feel that reducing the amount of screen time and whole group activities will benefit everyone. All students will meet from 8:15-10:15. We will be doing small focused lessons. Please be sure that your child has all of the materials near to cut back on time. The most important things are the binder and all of the contents, including the whiteboard marker. The current reading magazine, the current math magazine, pencils (sharpened) and their notebooks are also needed.

At 10:15 students will be given a 10 min. break.

After that (10:25), teachers will be meeting in small groups. Small groups will end at 12:15. Your child’s teacher will let you know when your child will be meeting for the upcoming week. You can expect that schedule on or before Saturday evening.

If your child is NOT in a small group, they will be expected to be doing their independent (asynchronous) work.

Next week, we will begin assessing. Expect your child’s login information to be sent home within the next few days. After you help your child log in on their assigned day (small group time), we would like for you allow your child to complete the assessment on his/her own!

Thank you for your support and we hope that this new schedule will be beneficial to all!

Please help…

Dear Families,

We want to thank you in advance for your dedication to your children’s education.  However, there are some things that need to be addressed.  

  1. Please have your children log in on time.They need to be up, already have eaten breakfast, and be ready to learn at 8:15. It is also helpful if they have their video on for attendance purposes at 8:15. It is distracting to have children come into the meeting late and not prepared. We have a scheduled break everyday from 10:10-10:20 when children can have a snack, off camera. 
  2. Children need to be respectful to their teacher and classmates.  Slouching, laying down, making faces at the camera, or walking around are not ideal for learning and these are not ways that students would be learning in the classroom. Please encourage your child to sit or stand stationary during lessons so they are prepared to do their best thinking.  Also, the overuse or misuse of the chat feature interrupts lessons and distracts students. Kindly remind your child to only use the chat feature when prompted by their teacher. 
  3. Remember that the microphone picks up all sorts of background noises, whether you mean it to or not.  Please don’t interrupt the class. 
  4. Please be sure that you have logged into Seesaw and created a family account.  This will help us so that we can use one platform for class communication.
  5. During lessons and while the students are online, please refrain from asking questions to your child’s teacher. We understand that there are challenges with distance learning, but our instructional time is crucial and we need that time to provide your child with the best education possible. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher via their preferred communication method (SeeSaw, etc.) to address. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We realize that many of you are at home listening to lessons, but you need to remember that the lessons are designed with 7 year olds in mind.  We are not only trying to teach students with varying levels of knowledge, but also allow students the opportunities to work on listening and speaking skills which they will need in life.  Please let them begin to take responsibility for their own learning in 2nd grade. This is a pivotal year for students as they develop into independent learners. If family members are around them frequently, they will have a harder time developing the skills they need to be independent. We understand the expectations in 3rd grade and are setting the stage to prepare them for this and beyond. 

We recognize the challenges that come with distance learning with families with classwork, careers, and many people often home at once. We are here to support you in any way we can with this journey. Please be patient and remember that we are new to this format of teaching and we are working VERY hard to learn new ways of teaching, technology, and a new group of students. Your patience means the world to us!  We appreciate all the support that you can give. 

Thank you,

The 2nd Grade Team


Good evening Families,

I had a great question tonight and thought I should clarify in case anyone was wondering the same thing.

Materials need to be picked up for EVERY student. They will be receiving a few language arts magazines, math workbooks, a binder from their teacher, and a few miscellaneous things.

There is also a device pick up. That is ONLY for students who
need to borrow a device. 

Thank you!


Welcome to our blog!  We will post information that is relevant to the grade on this blog.  Teachers will inform you of how they intend to communicate individually regarding your child and his/her learning.

We are excited to meet you and your children.  In spite of the fact that this is new and different, we want to assure you that we are working closely with one another to give your child a great 2nd grade experience.

More information will be coming soon…make sure you follow this blog to stay up to date!

Stay safe!


Hello everyone,

With school right around the corner (August 31st), we want to give everyone time to “unfollow” this blog so that you won’t be getting alerts from your child’s previous grade.

Be on the lookout for information from the third grade team.  Their blog is  if you want to begin following them now!  We know that they are excited to get to know our students.  We might have told them how wonderful our kiddos were! 🙂

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy…and we can’t wait until we are able to safely return and see everyone in person!


Norms and more…

Camarena has developed some NORMS to help with Distance Learning.  Please take some time to review these for parents and students.


Also, we want to remind you that none of the work being assigned should be causing any stress, especially for parents.  Review the norms, setting up a schedule that works for you.  Encourage your child to do what he/she can.  Breathe and remember that we are here.  It will be ok if your child doesn’t do everything.

Library books can now be returned to school.  Designated days are Tuesday and Thursday for this week and next .  April 21, 23, 28, 30.  Drop off time is 1-3.  This will be a drive through system with a cart of box to place the books in.  Some children may have books in the classroom.  Don’t worry about those.  Teachers will get those when we are allowed back in our classes.

Know that we are thinking of our students and their families.  We send each of you our warmest thoughts and we hope that you are finding a way to cope.  Stay safe and healthy!

Your second grade team