Wax Museum

Don’t forget that the Wax Museum is this Thursday for the students in the 700 building and Friday for Students in the 500 building. Students should come dressed with clothes underneath IF they are dressing like their character.

Parents will be welcomed into the classes from 8:45-9:45 to listen to their biographies. Please be sure that you sign in at the office.

A few things to keep in mind-
1. Everything that you will see and hear was done by the students with some guidance from the teacher. Some students requested/needed more guidance than others.
2. All work, including rough drafts will be present so that the writing process is evident.
3. It can get loud and be difficult to hear more quiet students, so please be aware of this and try to keep all voices to a whisper.
4. Students are at many different levels of learning, so the biographies will look similar, yet various levels may be evident. We are focusing on the growth of each individual!
5. Feed back for the students is critical. Start with a positive, give a tip, and end with a Thank you!

We look forward to having you enter our Wax Museum…where biographies come to life!


Upcoming Testing Dates

April 22-23-LM Writing (Dual Immersion)

April 30-May 1-Writing (English)

May 7th-Reading Lexile (English)

May 9th-Reading Lexile (Dual Immersion)

May 13-14-Math

Recess and Snacks


Please be sure that children can open and close their own snacks at recess.  They have a very limited time to play/eat.  Trying to open snacks can take away from that time causing them to get frustrated and throw the snacks away rather than to try to open them.  It might be a good idea to practice at home.  Another great suggestion is to cut a small notch in the snack so that they can easily tear it.  When they have tried to use their teeth and take it to a friend or adult, it is very unsanitary.  Anything that can be done to help them prior to arriving at school would be much appreciated!

Please also remind them that we do not share our snacks at school.  As kind as that is, the school does not allow any sharing due to allergies and germs (from licking fingers and more).

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Hello families,

Welcome to second grade.  We are looking forward to an incredible year!  Week one is over and done and it was great!!

We wanted to introduce you to a few things on this blog:

This will be used for General second grade information.  This is also a great starting point for helping student log in to any important sites.  We will have everything linked through this blog (eventually).

Each teacher has a separate “page”.  We will primarily use Class Dojo for class communication, however, we will post links to sites specific to our classes on our “pages”.

The general links page has important sites that we will teach the students about.  A great tool are the HFW (high frequency word) powerpoints.  If you know that your child needs more help with their HFW, this is a fantastic tool.  There are 4 to choose from.  🙂

Please remember that this site is under construction…it’s a work in progress.  If you have any specifics that you need help or guidance with, please notify your child’s teacher.

We are looking forward to meeting with everyone soon!  Have a great weekend!





New Year…new blog!

Hello families,

As you know it’s the beginning of a new school year!  We are making changes and setting this up for a new group of kiddos.

Please be sure that you unfollow this blog…unless you won’t mind the updates from second grade.  😉

Principal Mclaren has established a new school blog.  Be sure to follow that-

Camarena School BLOG

Best of luck to you and your family as we embark on this new adventure!  By the way, be sure to pop in and say hello every now and then!