Need a little help using some of the programs your child will be using? Here are some videos to help you out!

As we embark on this new journey to “Distance Learning Land,” we know that there will be many bumps on the road. But no worries, we will get there together. We will hold each other’s hand throughout these challenging time. (Then, we’ll wash our hands! Hehehe…)

Below, are 4 tutorial videos Ms. Teahan, one of our fabulous teachers put together. All of them are on YouTube.

Raz-Kids Login/feature tutorial
Additionally, our VAPA teachers have put together a website/program for your child to have a little art fun. This “Arts at Home” program, as well as the “vapaonline” blog account is designed so that students and parents can choose which lesson they want to do for the week. Your child does not necessarily have to be in a specific class to attempt any or all lessons/activities.
The link to the website is: 
Hope you all have fun watching, learning and creating!

How to get to your child’s email & apps

By now, your child may have already logged into Achieve 3000 at home, and by doing that, they should have first logged into their Office 365 account. If your child has forgotten how to get into Office 365, here is a quick “Cheat Sheet” to help you and your child out. If your child does not remember their username/email account, please let their teacher know.

How do I get to my student email and apps