Recess and Snacks


Please be sure that children can open and close their own snacks at recess.  They have a very limited time to play/eat.  Trying to open snacks can take away from that time causing them to get frustrated and throw the snacks away rather than to try to open them.  It might be a good idea to practice at home.  Another great suggestion is to cut a small notch in the snack so that they can easily tear it.  When they have tried to use their teeth and take it to a friend or adult, it is very unsanitary.  Anything that can be done to help them prior to arriving at school would be much appreciated!

Please also remind them that we do not share our snacks at school.  As kind as that is, the school does not allow any sharing due to allergies and germs (from licking fingers and more).

Thank you for your support!



Camarena Second Grade Teacher

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