Handbooks for Families

Good Afternoon Families!

This is a message to let you know that Handbooks for Reading/Writing (K-2) and Math (K-6) will be available for pick up next week from 8- 4 outside the school office.  These handbooks have activities families can do at home to support your student’s academics.

Thank you!

The Second Grade Team

Live instruction During Conferences

Greetings Families,

During conferences, LIVE instruction will be shortened in order to give teachers ample time to meet with families.

Conferences are from Thursday, October 15th-Friday, October23rd. During these days, class will meet LIVE from 8:15-10:15. After that, work will be asynchronous.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.


The Second Grade Team

Smarty Ants Log in

Please watch this video to help your student log in to Smarty Ants.

Please remember that we want the Students to complete the activities. However, we would appreciate parent help with the log in process.

New 2nd Grade Schedule Beginning 9-21

Beginning Monday, September 21, 2nd grade will be reducing the amount of screen time for students. We appreciate your support these past few weeks while we get back into a school routine.

We have spoken as a team and feel that reducing the amount of screen time and whole group activities will benefit everyone. All students will meet from 8:15-10:15. We will be doing small focused lessons. Please be sure that your child has all of the materials near to cut back on time. The most important things are the binder and all of the contents, including the whiteboard marker. The current reading magazine, the current math magazine, pencils (sharpened) and their notebooks are also needed.

At 10:15 students will be given a 10 min. break.

After that (10:25), teachers will be meeting in small groups. Small groups will end at 12:15. Your child’s teacher will let you know when your child will be meeting for the upcoming week. You can expect that schedule on or before Saturday evening.

If your child is NOT in a small group, they will be expected to be doing their independent (asynchronous) work.

Next week, we will begin assessing. Expect your child’s login information to be sent home within the next few days. After you help your child log in on their assigned day (small group time), we would like for you allow your child to complete the assessment on his/her own!

Thank you for your support and we hope that this new schedule will be beneficial to all!

Smarty Ants Login Video & Information

Greetings Families,

Since by now you have seen the post about how we will be utilizing Smarty Ants, we wanted to share with you a video about how to access Smarty Ants on the CVESD website if you are unfamiliar.

Please note, that you SHOULD NOT have your child begin Smarty Ants YET! They need to wait until they receive the day/time they will be doing the assessment with their child’s teacher, so be on the lookout for this information from your child’s teacher! This will give you the time your child will be assessed.

One thing to note about the video is that the password combination mentioned IS NOT for 2nd graders. Your child’s teacher will share with you how they will login with their password. For now, here’s an example….let’s say we have a student named Silva Garcia. Her birthday is on April 21, 2013. The 6-digit student ID number is: 123456.

The username would be as follows:


The password would be the initial of the first name (CAPITALIZED!!!), the first initial of the last name (lowercase) and then her 8 digit date of birth.


After this, press enter/return and you should be able to login!