Weekly Newsletter – Week 27

The count down is on! 10 more days and we’re off on break!

Please make sure to sign up to meet with your child’s teacher for a parent-teacher conference. If you would prefer a virtual conference, they are available upon request. Just let your child’s teacher know with time so that she may set it up.

This week we’re starting our biographies. PLEASE make sure to send your child’s biography article no later than Monday, March 6th. They will need it to begin writing their draft. If you do not have access to a printer, please send your child’s teacher a link to the biography so that she can print it in school. Thank you!

Have a great week!


Weekly Newsletter – Week 19

Hello, and welcome back!

We are so excited to return and finish our second half of second grade. We just love this time of year! It is when we see the most growth in our students. All the hard work and learning that has taken place in the first half is now more visible than ever. It’s like spring… our second graders are just blooming with knowledge!

Mark your Calendar… Save the Date… Join Us!

This upcoming Monday, January 30th, 2023 our school will be holding its monthly ELAC Parent Meeting at 8:30 AM. Why are we inviting you all? Well… We’re happy to report that the monthly ELAC Meeting do not only benefit parents of English Language Learners, but ALL parents!

This month, we will begin by providing an informative parent workshop/session to help you help your child/children succeed. This month’s topic will be: Getting to Know the 3 Most Commonly Used Online Platforms at Camarena Elementary: Achieve 3000, iReady, and Smarty Ants.

Our highly dedicated Camarena teachers and administrators will take time to answer all the questions you may have regarding these online platforms. By the end of session, you will go home ready to help your child do their best and succeed!

Did we mention that there will be coffee and snacks provided? We really hope you join us!

Weekly Newsletter – Week 18

Excuse the absence (Weeks 16 & 17.) Many assessments happened during these two weeks. Your child completed the Level Set (from Achieve 3000), iReady, Fluency, Accuracy, Comprehension, and maybe more.

Quarter 2 report cards will be going home this Friday, December 16th. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher with any questions.

End of 2022/Holiday parties will vary per 2nd grade class. Please check your child’s teacher communications for more information.

Winter Break will be from December 19th through January 9th, 2023. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 10th.

We hope you all have a wonderful winter break!

Weekly Newsletter – Week 15

We’re almost there… Thanksgiving Break! This week, we will take time to remind students to be thankful for all they have and do. We are very fortunate and thankful that your child is in our community, school, and classroom.

Next week, while on break, please remind your child of the importance of reading. We SUPER and HIGHLY recommend that your child continue to read a minimum of 20 minutes daily. We thank you for encouraging them to do so. (HINT: If they read 20 minutes, they can use their device for the day!)

Enjoy your break!

Enjoy your family!


Weekly Newsletter – Week 14

Where did Week 13 go??? Boo! I’ll never tell… Hee hee hee…

I’m just kidding… Sorry for the missing Week 13 Newsletter. Coincidentally it’s #13. Ha! But really, I was really sick and was unable to put last weeks newsletter together. And to think that last week was dare I say, C-R-A-Z-Y!! I’m glad we survived it.

Now, we are trying to go back to “Semi normal” and enjoy the next two weeks before Thanksgiving Break. So, without further a do… Week 14. It’s a 4 day week, Y’all!!

Weekly Newsletter – Week 12

Parents, we’re really excited with the progress our kiddos have demonstrated in their writing. This week, most of the 2nd grade classes will begin their animal reports some time this week. Please make sure that your child has completed their facts sheet with the: description, habitat, diet, characteristics/adaptations, and life cycle. This information is crucial for their report. Thank you in advance for helping your child in researching their animal.